An easy pattern for your own summer skirt!

As you probably already know, I am a beginner in sewing. I did some basic projects so far and every time I manage to make it a little bit prettier than the time before:) I still have a long way to go, but of course that doesn’t matter as long as you’re having fun, right?

I am not a huge fan of going shopping, because I find it hard to find those clothes that I really like and that fit my body shape properly. The idea of making your own clothes always attracted me, but I have to say that finding out how it works all by yourself is not that easy. So, go visit your mum, grandma, aunt, best friend or whoever else who has some experience and try the easy pattern below together! In the end I learned some tricks (that you won’t always think of immediately) by just listening to the right people.

If you know some Dutch, this website could help you in making your first summer skirt. I measured myself around the hips (you can also measure a bit higher if you want to wear your skirt differently) and multiplied this by 2.5. This is the length you will need to make the folds as you can see in the picture. Of course you can also take a bit more or a bit less, depending on how curvy you want the skirt to be.

Then, measure the height of the skirt. I picked 45cm+3cm for the bottom fold. You don’t need to make extra folds on top (unless you want to place an elastic band), because later you will sew a ribbon to it.

You cut out the rectangle and sew around with a border stitch to avoid the fabric to loose dreads (always do this, for whatever project you are doing!). If your fabric is not long enough, you cut out a second rectangle and you sew these two pieces together. Wait before closing it into a circle!

You can either use elastic on top, or (like I did) place a zipper. I used a 15 cm zipper that I sewed to  both sides.

Calculate the distance between the folds. This is probably most of the work. I made 30 folds in both of the skirts. Take the full length of the skirt, divide this by 30 and place needles on that distance over the full length. Use more needles to block the folds and sew over them. Try the skirt on several times for the perfect fit. You can still adjust the folds if the skirt is too small or too big.

Fold the bottom 2 times and sew a line to block it.

For the top ribbon, you cut out a rectangle of fabric of at least 3x your hips measurement by 8cm in height. Fold the two short sides inwards and sew it. Fold the two long sides 1cm inward and iron it (don’t sew). Fold the border double alongside the long side (so now the height is 3cm) and iron it again. Place the ribbon over the full length of the skirt, leaving the tails of the ribbon where the zipper is. This was my ‘easy’ solution of closing the skirt nicely, but if you have better suggestions please let me know! Now, open the zipper and sew from begin to end in one line close to the border (so you actually sew the inner folds of the ribbon at the same time). Pay attention that you sew the overhangings of the zipper inside the ribbon.

I used some pictures and patterns as inspiration, but I’m quite a stubborn girl, so along the way I decided to make some changes here and there. Feel free to make your own adjustments and you will see that there are a lot of nice variations to make!

Enjoy the sunshine with your own summer skirt!!